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How would you feel discovering that you actually have innate confidence and it can be triggered with the right phrases in the right state of awareness?

What would you be doing, feeling, and having if you could feel rooted, resilient confidence on a natural, regular, automatic basis?

I can show you how to begin experiencing this because I've done it for myself & for 100's of my private clients...

Marshall Burtcher, Mentor and Coach

Simply Confidence™ utilizes a specialized meditation combined with specifically chosen phrases that nurture your inward self-image in the way healthy parents speak to their children who become confident individuals. 

You know those resilient, confident people that seem to know how to handle anything?  How about those that exude self-awareness and are open to new things?  Or that man or woman you admire because they seem fearless?

What do you think the difference between you and them are? 

Is their confidence a "default", as if they were born with it?  Or that it is natural or "god-given"?

Over the past 12 years of my life, I've sought out their secrets and to understand why they feel confidence in the face of life's challenges.  I've endeavored to root out the difference between them and those of us that really struggle with feeling secure in who we are (much less facing life). 

I discovered something pretty profound:  The difference between the "naturally confident" and those that are "naturally insecure" begins with the programmed self-talk that runs in cycles in their mental thinking. 

I dived into understanding where that programming came from.  I quickly learned that the much of what we hear in our head first comes from the messages we receive from mom and dad. 

I imagine that really isn't news. But this is:

There are specific types of phrases that trigger innate confidence in the inner child.  These phrases reinforce in the child their worth, their value, their belonging, and their emotional importance. 

Now, just reading these phrases and impact us, but they don't reprogram our internal dialog. 

But guess what happens when you combine those phrases with specialized meditation?

RESULTS THAT STICK.  Results like a better quality of life.  Like healthy relationships, boundaries, and intimacy.  How about willingness to commit to your dreams and those you love? 

Freedom, self-trust, and even moving past the pain of rejection are benefits clients have experienced because of their resilient confidence.

Those results stick because  our level of mental and emotional resistance is lowered.  This allows our subconscious to adopt them as true and real facts about ourselves.

Combined with gentle emotional exposure to feeling that new way, you're enabled to swiftly expand into your innate confident self.

Here's how Simply Confidence™ supports you experiencing and then living from your Resilient Confidence:

Simply Confidence™ Gives You:
12 MP3 Meditations

Duration: Typically 5 Minutes

Once a week you receive a new meditation.  These come in MP3 format.  Download them to your phone or PC/MAC and use them daily for 5 minutes.  Allow yourself to explore the phrase during your day, giving yourself permission to have it.

Includes check-in and follow-up contacts to ensure you keep on target!

Written Editions of the Meditations

We've all got a dominant learning style. Some are visual, some auditory, and others tactile.  I provide PDF versions of the  meditations to help enhance your experience and adoption of the phrases and the truths they bring you.

Special Bonuses
  • Core Priorities™ Process:

($27.00 value) Discover your ingredients to your personal happiness and satisfaction with life through this simple process

  • Emotion Mastery™ Tools

($27.00 value) - Gain confidence with proven tools that help you move through your emotions and gain the insight and wisdom they provide, as well as the peace that comes with developing closure and release.

Exclusive Access to Private Facebook Community

Connect, build friendships, and grow your confidence and insight through sharing with fellow badasses!

To Review:

  • Experience the power of your natural confidence daily through individual meditations
  • Takes only 5 minutes a day
  • Easy! Just follow the instructions!
  • Proven results for people like you
  • Easy Access on your phone, PC or MAC

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